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Kidaround Magazine
November, 2007
Simplify the Season
Lee Mahla

One of the biggest challenges moms have is creating the event of all events with everyone's needs in mind--except, usually, our own. Make this season different. Keep things simple. Focus on three things that really make your holiday season special and forego the rest, at least for this year.

Here are ways to simplify some of the holiday traditions in order to ease stress and bring joy to the season.

  • Sending Cards: If this is a tradition that brings you joy, keep it. Start early to review and update your address book. Are there ways you can streamline your list? Cards elfa┬« Gift Wrap Cart, $192.18 can be creative or simple; choose simple if time is an issue. Online card purveyors like Shutterfly and Photoworks can make the holiday card process easy.
  • Holiday Baking: If baking brings you joy, this is another keeper. However, if you can't sleep at night because you're trying to figure out how to fit this in, let it go. It's amazing how good store-bought baked goods can be when you're pressed for time.
  • Gift Giving: What are we going to do with all that stuff? Give some thought to really simplifying here. Think of a gift theme for those on your list, i.e., everyone gets a book tailored to their interests or receives a gift card to their favorite shop, or you make a donation to each person's favorite charity on their behalf. Focus more on the human connection: it doesn't always have to be big or expensive.

Admittedly, these are simple ideas. Remember, though, simple is what we are after. Also, remember that you're entitled to enjoy the holidays, too. Making life a little simpler can be an effective way for you to do just that.